About Me

Welcome to My Journey

Like the branches on the Tree of Life, my path could have led in countless directions. Yet, it seemed the trail to becoming an expert in health and wellness was already laid out, just as the leaves rest at the very top of that tree. Branch by branch, it guided me here, just as it guided you to this page.

I'm Jennifer Nicholson, the founder and owner of ZenLife Collective, South Florida's premier wellness concierge. It's a pleasure to meet you!

As a small-town girl, I was raised on a farm. The hard work and unwavering dedication it took to keep it running instilled a work ethic I might not have developed otherwise. My humble beginnings, combined with my deep love for the community, nurtured a passion for nature, biology, and helping people.

My career began as a Certified Nursing Assistant at a medical rehab facility, eventually leading me to work as a Director of a senior living community. The pull toward medical massage was always there, just out of reach. That's the thing about the Tree of Life; it guides you where you need to go, not necessarily where you want to go. My studies led me to nursing school, and the "big girl" job I thought I always wanted.


"Be careful what you wish for..."

After enduring grueling 80-hour work weeks and unhealthy eating habits, I started gaining weight and experiencing hormonal imbalances. Aches and pains I'd never felt before became constant. I loved caring for others, but it seemed like I was neglecting my own health. Sound familiar? Doctors, specialists, and invasive tests dominated my life, and I was sent home with a bag of prescription painkillers, with spinal fusion looming as a possibility. To this day, I'm grateful to a good friend for suggesting yoga and massage therapy!

"Let your food be your medicine or your medicine will be your food."

My body and mind absorbed the therapeutic benefits of massage therapy, and I felt better than I had in years. Everything I learned about my body led me down a new path, resulting in licensure in massage and international certification in nutrition. My passion became helping people manage pain and discomfort. I dove headfirst into medical massage and expanded my practice to include skincare and yoga. I love customizing unique sessions to meet the individual goals of my clients. Sessions include therapeutic massage, as well as skincare treatments like anti-cellulite, oxygen, stem cells, CBD, microdermabrasion, body wraps, and more!


Reflection and Growth

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted the massage industry, prompting many of us to hit the pause button, slow down, and reflect on our lives and chosen paths. I needed to dig deep and grow to become the best healer I could be. My studies of meditation, frequency, sound, and vibration healing revealed a powerful, cellular-level healing effect, which I now incorporate into my daily practice.

In September of 2019, ZenLife Collective was born.

"Zen" represents peace, balance, relaxation, and intuition, which is why I've operated as "Zen with Jen" since 2016. "Collective" signifies the cumulative effects of our daily habits that enable us to reach our goals.

All my passions have come together in a perfect Enso, symbolizing the harmony and simplicity of creating balance in life.

Zenlife Collective Consultation

I am excited to offer wellness concierge to the sunshine state! Schedule a consultation with Floridas Wellness Concierge and choose from a diverse treatment menu of body, skin, and mind wellness modalities encouraging healing from the inside out.

Thank you for taking time to read a little about me. Visit this site often for updates on new menu items and services as they become available. Namaste